Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The future of design is code!

Recently we gave a Dynamo workshop to an architectural office. Quiet a few architects were curious what this visual programming could mean to them.

At one point when we were doing something rather complicated. I was trying to help out this one architect and she looked a bit confused at me. To tease her a little I told her the following: The future of design is code. She looked absolutely horrified at me, specially after I told her she would show this to the head architect and ask him to review the elegance of her scripts. :) Of course that will not be the case. But it will be very important for architects and engineers to know about coding. I am not saying you all have to start C++

I think it's important you acquaint yourself with a language that will facilitate and prove your designs. A tool like Dynamo can help you design, change and modify your project and still complying to specific project constraints.

At AU 2015 in Vegas there were at least 28 classes about Dynamo. Dynamo is getting huge momentum now and is rapidly moving forward.

Start simple!
But consider this, every action that you end up repeating is worth considering automating.

For Revit, Dynamo is only the start of what to come. Many more exiting things are coming. I am very curious of what these start-ups from
will enable us to do.

I started with dynamo quiet some time ago. One of my projects was to design a bridge. At that time I had to rely heavily on excel. Now with more knowledge I can do more and I can do it without excel.I'll blog about it again soon.
A sneak peak:

Happy coding!

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