Friday, 6 November 2015

Wall joins

In Revit 2016 R2 wall joins received some long overdue love from the programmers.

There is an interesting thing to consider when placing walls. Look at the following
I have create these few walls. The only difference was the creation settings for wall joins. The top were set to allow. The bottom set for disallow.

The interesting part comes when you start to use the join and unjoin tool.

The unjoin tool has no effect up on the walls that were create with the setting for allow wall joins.
Walls that were created with the disallow option can be joined and unjoined. You may keep doing that as many times you need.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Export Revit elements by parameter value

I was asked if it was possible to export elements from Revit based on a parameter value. I right away thought of perhaps using filters for this.

To get this to work I did the following:
Create a project parameter (shared)
I was a bit lazy here by assigning it to all categories
  • Create a filter
  • Do not check all categories here because everything will limit your parameter chooses
  • Filter by: Export --> equals --> No
  • OK

  • Add the filter to a 3D view
  • Uncheck the visibity
By unchecking the visibility every element that has the values NO gets turned of. When you export the view you set the settings to only export the visible parameters
Two extra things the Yes/No parameter I have use here has this greyed out state by default.
 An easy way to fix this can be done by schedule.
 Below you see an image of the view with the filter in action
Below an example of IFC export settings

A nice addition to this might be using the extension RTV tools of Jason Howden

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