Friday, 26 June 2015

Autodesk online viewer

I got a question this week about the ability to see revit files in Navisworks (so converted to nwc) as solids. I claim to know a little bit about the Navisworks engine and therefore I replied that I don't think it's likely to happen that we will see solids in Navisworks.... (Since the conversion turns solids into faces.)

BUT I was playing around with the online Autodesk viewer for some ifc files. (by the way they look good)When I thought let's put a nwc file in this viewer and see how that would look. 
I see solids... oh and they look good. (one small error with the roof) The Stair is going to a floor that has not been turned on in this model.

Just to highlight the Autodesk online viewer 'eats' all these file formats

Autodesk viewer

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