Friday, 26 June 2015

Autodesk online viewer

I got a question this week about the ability to see revit files in Navisworks (so converted to nwc) as solids. I claim to know a little bit about the Navisworks engine and therefore I replied that I don't think it's likely to happen that we will see solids in Navisworks.... (Since the conversion turns solids into faces.)

BUT I was playing around with the online Autodesk viewer for some ifc files. (by the way they look good)When I thought let's put a nwc file in this viewer and see how that would look. 
I see solids... oh and they look good. (one small error with the roof) The Stair is going to a floor that has not been turned on in this model.

Just to highlight the Autodesk online viewer 'eats' all these file formats

Autodesk viewer

Friday, 19 June 2015

Instance parameters vs type parameters

I got some comments back on a Revit project I evaluated a while ago. One of their comments was that they could not resolve some of the errors in the model. They said they could not resolve this error: Duplicate Type Marks, their reply: Particular element having different sizes under one type. ????

I got the impression they didn't quite get the difference between instance and type parameters. 

So let me give you a simple example that is easy to understand. Take a look at the picture below. These women have loads of properties but we will focus on two. One of their properties is that they are all a woman. So that's a type property.
The size of their mammalian protuberance is different for everyone of them and therefore an instance property. 

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Automate the creation of worksets

In my mail I got a nice blogpost about creating worksets with Dynamo. Written by, see this blog: JohnP

I download his package for Dynamo with the nice python script that does all the magic. I used his part and added the ability reading the workset names from an excel file. I made 3 sheets. One for every discipline. The only thing that I have to do manually is that I switch the wire if I want another discipline. (suggestions are welcome)
See the extremely complicated excel file you need to make.... :) 
(Another note, this will only work for Revit 2015 and R2 update and beyond)

The idea behind this is, that in this way you may avoid all kind of typo's for your Revit project files.

Download the Dynamo file here. You might need to download JohnP node separately.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Revit server and Autodesk accounts

Today I was contact with the following:

We have users that are using cloud render forRevit. Smart!  :)
They are all using the same account  uhoh
They are also working on Revit server...... 


When you login into A360 to use cloud render it changes your username to your Autodesk ID. 

If multiple people use the same account that means you have multiple people using the same username for Revit server! That is a recipe for disaster!

Please create an account per user. There are also ways to create multiple users fast!