Monday, 19 January 2015

BIM debt

Recently I was talking to a programmer and he was talking about work. He was describing how a manager pushed certain changes onto the working environment and bypassing all regular testing procedures. Also documentation of code or proper code review were skipped. He said, yes you can create that short cut but what you are essentially doing is creating a code debt. As with financial debts you have to figure out before if you can repay the debt. 

The link with Bim is simple. If you don' t do Bim propperly or to late in a project or you are not in controle of your processes, your are building up code debt equivalent BIM debt. 

I would define BIM debt as: "In order to meet a pressing deadline now you neglecting to comply to future needs of information." 

Nicked from wikipedia:

Technical debt (also known as design debt[1] ) is a recent metaphor referring to the eventual consequences of a poor Project execution plan. The debt can be thought of as work that needs to be done before a particular job can be considered complete or proper. If the debt is not repaid, then it will keep on accumulating interest, making it hard to implement changes later on. Un-addressed technical debt increases project entropy.

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