Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Revit loadable system families

I accidentally ran into this interesting feature.
First take a look at my project browser. 
Where does this prefab wall come from? I always thought you could not create your own custom system families. (you can create your own types) 

So how was this made? Step 3 to 10 are from Luke Johnson (saving an inplace family as a rfa)
  1. create an inplace family and set the family category and parameters to Walls
  2. create an extrusion (it's just placeholder geometry)
  3. Select all of the elements in the family
  4. Group all of these elements using the Create Group tool.  Give the Group a name.
  5. Select the Group
  6. Do not Finish Editing the In-Place family yet!
  7. Go to the 'R' button (Application Menu) - Save As - Library - Group
  8. You will notice that the filetype is RFA!
  9. Save the Group somewhere.
  10. Your Component Family is the file that you just saved.
  11. Open the family
  12. Add the shapes and parameters you need, like you would any ordinary family
  13. Save the family, the name is important!
  14. Load into a project
  15. Go to your families and expand the walls
  16. You will see a new Wall type family

I have only tried this for walls and here it seems to work. So far this loadable 'system' family seems to behave like any other system wall. (except heigth)
They schedule like system walls and they respond to visibility/graphics like regular walls.

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