Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Navisworks selections methodes

A little while ago I stumbled upon a selection feature in Navisworks that was new to me. When you want to select something in Navisworks you have of course the following options:

  • Select
  • Select box

  • You probably know that if you have the select methode you can press the space bar to make a selection window like the select box functionality

    The selection box always works like a selection window in Autocad. It does not matter if you draw the window from left to right or right to left. It only selects objects that are completely inside the selection window. A little while ago I had a finger resting on the shift key while trying to use the select with the spacebar and suddenly I got a crossing selection....????

    I do not recall anybody mentioning this when they were explaining the new features. Maybe it has been in the program for years. I looked at two different official courseware books. I couldn't not find the feature. So for you if you want to make a crossing selection like Autocad in Navisworks press the shift and the spacebar together and drag a window. 

     select + spacebar and draw this window
     will select this:
    select + shift + spacebar and draw the same window will select this:

    Thursday, 3 January 2013

    Vasari and Dynamo

    A little while ago I was talking to a french girl who was working for one of my former employees. She was showing me Grasshopper on top of Rhino. I was fun to see what she could do. She ofcourse asked if Revit had anything like that yet. I said that I knew of a labs project that had just come out. I had had the time to play around with it yet but now I have.

    Before you try something yourself be aware that this is alpha (dynamo) software build on top of beta software (Vasari). Let's put it mildly it's not entirely stable. But who cares because this is for fun.

    If you are looking for more advanced stuff, do the tutorials and take a look on these websites:

    Basically I have set out this quest to be able to do with dynamo what I can already do with the family editor... Learn to crawl before trying to walk :)

    I have a cube with 3 parameters width length and height. I want to control the dimension of this cube with a slider. I also want the length to be twice as long as the width and the height twice as big as the length.

    Explanation of what is what:

    1. Enable to select an instance of a family placed in a project
    2. Is the slider that changes the value of the instance parameters of the cube.  With this one I can controle the values of the parameters I put in the family. Be aware I first created the family then I placed this family in a project and next I change the values of the slider
    3. Is a number I use in calculations to make the the length twice as big as the width parameter and the height parameter twice as big as the length parameter. This number I could also change of course
    4. Here you select the parameters of the family you selected by 1
    5. Here you see the slider value from number 2 being multiplied by the value from number 3
    6. Takes care the values get inserted into the appropriate parameter
    7. Is to see what the parameter value is going to be in Vasari. This is extra and no necessary for this to work
    Now watch this spectacular movie...

    More later

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