Wednesday, 19 December 2012

More Mullions

Earlier I have written about mullions. The main focus was on rectangular mullions and the profiles you can use for these.

Circular mullions 

aren't all that different than the rectangular. There are some type parameters that are different and quiet self explaining.
You see there is also the possibility to use a profile. This works the same as rectangular mullions.
There is also a setting that let you set the position to perpendicular to face or parallel to ground. The effect of parallel to ground is best seen in a sloped glazing with rectangular mullions.

L Corner mullions
Notice the type properties of this curtain wall. When you place the wall like below you will get a warning that there are duplicate mullions and that those will be deleted. You are probably better of setting the borders to none if you need corner mullions and apply the mullions yourself.
Check the type properties of the L corner mullion.
Here you can change the size of the corner mullion. No profiles here!
Quad corners mullions
these are good to use for corners that are not 90 degrees. Here you can change the size of the corner mullion. No profiles here either!
Trapezoid Mullions
behave slightly different. It's not right away apparent where the parameters are. The center width is the odd one.
V corner mullions
Are also good to use for non perpendicular corners.


  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for this extra information on the mullions. Is it possible to make custom corner mullions, say to add detail, or to make a mullion that would be low profile on the external face?

    Thanks again for the update.



  2. You can only create custom mullions when the mullion is created by a profile. Extra detail can be achieved by adding a detail component in a profile. Do not over model the profile. It can have bad effect on the performance. This will probably mean that you would have to use a rectangular mullion. The situation of the curtain wall will make you having to choose how to use the mullion. It could very well be that you setup a curtain wall type in such a way that it does not automatically apply vertical border mullions. If you can send a screenshot of what you would like I try to give you some suggestions on how to proceed.



  3. Daniel,
    Have you worked any more with creating custom corner mullions. I have been creating them in the Profle Mullion template and they sometimes work. It can take a lot of moving in small increments and reloading over and over. The problem is, they don't always work and there is no rhyme or reason for when they do versus when they don't.
    I have tried angling them in the template, creating them in halves and attaching them to a wall system, putting them in straight in the templates and then using their properties to angle and offset them. I have even gotten them to work perfectly in one model and used the exact same one in a second project and it will work in one but not the other.
    The fix I am using right now is making them out of the Column template and just manually placing them, but then they are not attached to anything.
    If I try to move the walls to correct the placement then they unjoin and nothing will miter.
    I have screen shots but I don't see a way to attach them. Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.