Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Revit parts and IFC

How to get Revit parts to IFC

It's important when you export a Revit model to IFC that the following conditions are met:
  • Export with “Current View Only” option
  • Parts must be visible in the view
  • If the "Split Walls and Columns By Level" option is chosen, then wall parts will be assigned to the appropriate level as determined by their spatial position

Be aware:
Parts import / export done for all categories except Roofs
Parts import from IFC : only geometry is imported not the parts information
I have opened a revit file exported to IFC in Navisworks. You see a part from a wall selected and on the right you see the properties. In the IFC material tab you will see the Revit material back asign to the compound wall in Revit. As stated only the geometry is exported to IFC but the wall openings are missing.

If your interested I can share the revit and IFC model with you.


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