Sunday, 12 August 2012

Navisworks planning from Revit

Recently I saw an Autodesk video where people setup section boxes in different views so they could split up their model and this would help them in navisworks for planning. I got curious and gave it a try. I was wondering what would happen with the elements that are cut by the section box. I was hoping that those  elements  would not be exported. If they are exported do you get the whole ore the cut up  elements?

It turns out you get the cut up  elements . Since you can't line up section boxes or snap them to whatever, I can't say I am to happy about that approach.

Since I happen to have the same file they are using in the movie I thought let's have a go at it.

Some people will say use the worksets or use phases. Turn the one on you want and export the view. That could work but for this example I am assuming that the worksets setup or phasing for this project doesn't suite the needs.

I am going to add a project parameter, as an instance, to all relevant objects.
This instance parameter will contain information about to which part of the building it belongs.

First this is the building in masses with some names.
Next you add the project parameter
To make things a bit easier I suggest you create filters first. These filters are going to help you turn building parts on or of.

This is how I have setup the filter for this model.
Make sure you create one good filter and duplicate that one. This filter will look for elements that have 'Base' filled in their 'buildingpart' parameter. The nice thing is that you can turn off all the elements that match the filter with one tick.
I have added overrides to the filter which should make things more visible
Next comes the tricky part and that will take a while to get right. You have to select all the objects and and fill in the parameter. Of course you can do multiple objects at the same time. If there is an analytical model in your file make sure to turn them of first.

If you first add the filters to the view and next you add the parameter values you will see much more clearly what you are doing.

Next let's go to navisworks
Open the selection tree and go to the property tab. Notice that you see the project parameter you have added. To create a flexible planning it's handy to first create searchsets. Unfortunately you can not use the searches in the property tab. You have to select them and next save them in the sets window.

Next you can create a automated planning. See arrow 4.

This methode is not a fast as a using a section box but in the long run this will help you better. 

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