Friday, 20 July 2012

Mass trick repeating element

If you create a mass and you would like an adaptive component family to repeat over it's edges you might end up with some unwanted results. 

Adaptive component family with 4 points and a little trick to keep the slanted ones in place
 starting situation: a mass which adges were divided by selecting grid lines to do the division
 first try: Place the frame, I tend no to use the first point in a division. I have some selection issues sometimes. Press the repeat button. (it's the one that looks like array with a red small P. Notice the cute little knot in the image below? It seems as I have experienced in other models and families that any line has a direction which so far I have not been able to revert. 
adjustment to make it work: Add a second one next to the first. Select them both and press the repeat button again.
 desired outcome
Next up, create part and assemblies

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