Friday, 2 December 2011

view troubles

Recently I ran into an oddity. We had some trouble with filled regions. The same family would work just fine in a clean new project but would show up in another. Normally I start to go down this list when things are not showing up:

1. Is the view "Discipline" set correctly?  For example if your view is accidentally or purposelly set to Structural the wall may not be showing because its non-bearing...
2. Is the view range set correctly to see the particular element?  I'll often switch to my 3D view and orientate it to match the view, if I can't see it in the 3D view its most likely a view range issue.
3. Is the element in the correct phase and is an appropriate phase filter set in the view to make it visible.  Maybe someone set it in a future phase?
4. Can you see the element by enabling "Reveal Hidden Elements"?  If so, select it and select unhide element or unhide category.  Try not to use the Override element or hide in view options...
5. Is the element in a workset that isn't open or turned on in the view?
6. Is there a filter applied to the view that is causing the element to be hidden?
7. Has someone used the linework tool on the element?
8. If its a family, is the detail level of the view set correctly?  Sometimes families are set not to show at Coarse.
9. If its a family, has someone selected the geometry of the element not to show in plan, section/elevation as the case maybe?
10. Maybe the view has been created as a detail view?  By default certain categories aren't visible in a detail view...  As such change to a standard section.
11. Is the element part of a design option and perhaps that isn't the current option for that particular view?
12. Is there a plan region in the view that is adjust the view range settings incorrectly for the area in question?
13. If its a datum, is the 3d extents of the datum intersecting the view?
14. If its a section/elevation marker, check the "hide at scales coarser than" parameter to ensure its set appropriately to show.
15. Is it part of a linked revit or dwg file?  Ensure that the link is loaded...

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I think we can add another
16. if the object has warnings try to clear them first and maybe even recreate the object that is not behaving as it should
17. If it's a part you are looking for check if the view properties are set to show parts or both

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