Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Navisworks hide objects

So once in a while I stumble upon something useful or a trick I hadn't considered before.

When I work in Navisworks I tend to hide unselected objects a lot. When I unhide everything again a lot of objects are shown I don't want to see. For example models from Revit Structure 2012 have separate analytical floors that are co-planar with the regular floors. This always looks a bit messy and I like to hide them. 

When I temporary hide other stuff to investigate other objects and later do a unhide all, I get to see the analytical floors again.

Ofcourse I could use the selection tree and unhide objects from there, but that takes longer. Last week I suddenly remembered I can save the Hide/Required attributes in a view...

I made a search set that find all Revit categories that contains Analytical in there name. 

This will select the Analytical lines or planes from beams, columns, walls and floors. I hide the selected and save a viewpoint. Edit the viewpoint and tell it to save the Attributes for hide required.

Next I make a couple of extra viewpoints with certain things turned on or of. So when I select any of these views things get hidden. The only disadvantage is that the camera's shifts to that position. This can be compensated with other views that do not save the hide attributes.

It's probably a pretty obvious trick but still I thought I share it with you.

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