Thursday, 4 August 2011


I have been busy creating templates for Revit Structure lately.

If you have started a project already and you want to make use of the new template you have a couple of things you can try.

Transfering project standards will give you lot's of the new template but not everything. You will also be left with your old stuff.
Copy and pasting all 3d objects from a 3D view into another 3D view tend to take long and give lot's of error's because the levels are not coming along

I tried the following and had some reasonable results. I linked the old file into a new project based on the new template and then I bind the project and ungroup it. It will ask you if you want the attached detail, levels and grids to come along.

Be aware non of the views or sheets will come along this way. So if you are already pretty far into the project you probably don't want to use this methode. Try the transfer project standards and try to delete the old stuff out.

Some things you can't delete and you will have to purge it. Do not just purge everything like you are in Autocad. You will loose valuable settings you will need but you have not used yet. Use the purge command very specifically! 

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